Long time no post!!

Hello everyone Ms. Farrell here! Firstly apologies for the lack of posts recently. Our class has been extremely busy over the past few weeks but I am here to fill you in on what has been happening!

The class were very busy  last week working on their mini projects. They each picked any topic and researched and compiled their projects themselves. Then they presented them to the class. They all did a fantastic job. Here are some of their projects.


Some of the fantastic projects on display outside our classroom!

And below are some of the projects up close!!



IMG_0952 IMG_0951 IMG_0950 IMG_0949

IMG_0948 IMG_0947 IMG_0946 IMG_0945

IMG_0941 IMG_0940 IMG_0938 IMG_0928

IMG_0936 IMG_0935

IMG_0939    IMG_0932

In Art we have been concentrating on drawing and we completed our drawings on ‘Forehsortening’. Here are the pictures. The children drew the feet and hands and then filled in the bodies as if they were far away. They all turned out really well and look very impressive for visitors to our room.



Speaking of visitors, yesterday and today our class took part in a Bizworld workshop. This workshop was run by Bizworld and it develops the children’s business, entrprenurial and enterprise skills. The children were divided into companies. They then had to devise a company name, logo, slogan and product. Each member had an important job and were all Directors in the company. They groups then devised a poster, TV advertisement and merchandise.

Then came the big moment… the companies had to present their products in the Dragon’s Den. Mr. Moloney and Mr. Kiernan Kelly (Bank of Ireland, Athy) were the Dragons. Each company were seeking investments and all of them did extremely well to secure investments. The class then presented their products to fourth class and fourth class had the opportunity to invest in a company of their choice.

It was a fantastic couple of days, full of fun and excitement. The children learned alot (Maths, English, Art and other subject areas were linked to the workshop) and I was very proud of the hard work they all put into their companies. I think there are definitely some budding entrepreneurs in Room 12!!

Here are some photographs of the companies work…








This week we learned an Irish song ‘Func Anseo’ which is Uptown Funk in Irish. Uptown funk is a really good song to learn we also know four other songs; ‘Siorai spraoi’, ‘Amhran na bhfiann’, ‘Tóg Amach Mé’,’Beic Amach’

The Gaeilgeorí na Seachtaine last week were Megan Walsh and Joey Walsh and this weeks winners are Clare Morrin, Ally Brennan and Lauren Amond .

This week in Maths we were learning about rules and properties. We did number sequences and patterns.

This week we started to do Gaelic football with Frank Shanahan for P.E. It’s great fun and we are looking forward to the next few weeks!

Yesterday Mr.Moloney our Principal announced that Shauna Kealy from our class has been chosen to play at half time on Saturday at the Laois V Wicklow game in O’Moore park. We would like you to come and support Shauna on Saturday.

This week in Art we finished our flower art. First we made backgrounds with warm colours. Then some people made the stems and leaves from black paper. We already made the flowers by cutting out the circles and putting the wool on neatly. We added our wool flowers to our backgrounds and added stems and leaves. Here is a picture of our art.

We also learned about King Tut and Ancient Egypt. It was very interesting!!

Thanks for reading our blog this week which was written by Sara Reilly, Megan Walsh, Jesse Mc Evoy and Ally Brennan.






Last week before our holidays!!!!

This week in our  blog post we will be talking about what we learned about India, what we did in P.E and also about the competitions  that have been happening in Room 12!!


This week we had two competitions, the first competition was a handwriting competitions. 3rd place was Lauren and Tamara, 2d place was Karol and Robert and 1st place was Clare. The second was Gaeilgeoirí na Seachtaine and the winners were Joey and Megan. Congrats to all the winners!!! Ms. Farrell said that she was proud of everyone for trying their best in the handwriting competition!






This week we learned more about India. We learned that the most popular religion is Hinduism. We learned that they believe in many different gods. The population in India is the second largest in the world!!


This week in PE we did dances, but they weren’t ordinary dances……… Our dances were made out of shapes. Everyone performed in front of the class. Everyone had a very good time!!


This week we reached the highest score for ‘Walk on Wednesday’ ever in our class, we had 27 people who walked and only 2 people drove! This is a class record! We think we had the best score in the entire school too!


This week in Maths we learned about circles. We used compasses to draw circles. It was cool learning to draw perfect circles.


This week in Art we made flowers using wool. First of all we made circles using compasses and then glued the wool. It was difficult but it was worth it in the end. They look cool. It was good fun and everyone enjoyed it. We will stick them to backgrounds in our next Art class.


There will be no blog post next week as we will not be in school. Thanks for reading!!!

This weeks blog post was written by Molly, Shauna, Cian and Tamara. 🙂



Our Blog For This Week

We had a very busy week in 5th class. This is what we learned…

Jack and Cian were the Gaeilgeoirí na Seachtaine last week . They tried very hard and all their hard work finally paid off. This week the winner is James!! Comhghairdeas!!

In P.E. this week we did Creative Dance and created dances in groups. We had four different moves to put in into a routine. We had eight counts for the dance; wide shapes, tall shapes, twisted shapes and round shapes! It was fun!

This week in English we read a poem called “From a Railway Carraige” by Robert Louis Stevenson. We had a recitation competition. Everyone tried their best. The winners were Cathal and Aoibheann! Congratulations!

This week we did persuasive language and learned all about persuasive language in Advertisements. We decided on a product, identified our target audience and created an advertisement to try to persuade people to buy our product. When we finished, we hung them outside our classroom.


This week we started learning all about India.We learned that cows are sacred to India. We started our KWL chart, but only have K and W filled in so far! (what we know and what we want to know) We are excited to learn more next week.


On Friday we had our tests and everyone tried their best. Everyone got good scores!

We are making a process art about flowers inspired by Fredrick Huntertwasser. We started by painting the background, using warm colours in horizontal stripes. We will be continuing our art next week by creating wool circles.

We are learning about flowers and their parts in Science. We learned about pollination and fertisilation. We dissected daffodils to see all the different parts! It was great fun!






We are sorry that we did not post anything last week we were very,very busy we hope you enjoyed this weeks post, goodbye see you next time!

Written by Mark, Karol, Ava and Clare! 🙂

First week back after Easter Holidays ;]

Welcome back to our blog .This is our first week back after the Easter Holidays. So sorry we didn’t post for a while.This week the blog was written by Emma,Rachel,James and Patrick.


This week we finished our series of Stay Safe.We also learned how to say NO to Bullies when they hurt your body or hurt your feelings.


This week we did Science about flowers and how seeds are formed.We drew diagrams that show all the parts of the flowers.Diagrams will be below.We will be dissecting flowers next week.





We started learning our new song, ‘Tóg Amach Mé’ which is ‘Wagonwheel’ in Irish. This week the Gaeilgeoirí na Seachtaine are Patrick and Shauna. Comhghairdeas!


This month our class is in charge of  the sacred space. We created unique flowers and a saying. The saying is, ‘Be like a flower and turn your face toward the Son’. (We used Son instead of sun, as we mean the Son of God).




We also started learning this week how Northern Ireland was formed, and we will be learning more about it over the next few weeks.

We all loved what we learned this week but we were a bit crazy this week because it was our first week back!!!! 🙂


Easter Rising, magnets and more!!!

Hello everyone, Ms. Farrell here! We had such a busy week last week that we didn’t have time to complete our blog post, so I’m here on behalf of 5th Class this week!

First of all a big congratulations to Jesse who is the current Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine! Maith thú! the boys and girls in fifth class are all trying their very best, and it is very difficult for Ms. Farrell to pick a winner each week. So well done to everyone for doing so well!

This week the children in 5th class started exploring magnets. We found various items around the classroom, including a variety of metals and predicted if we thought they would be magnetic. We then carried out experiements using a variety of magnets and recorded our results. We were surprised as some metals were not magnetic as we had originally predicted that they would be! We are looking forward to our next experiment soon!




This week we started learning about the 1916 Easter Rising. We have started to create a display outside our classroom. We have made KWL charts, showing what we have learned so far and on Friday we started sketching the leaders of the Rising. We will be painting our portraits on Monday. We are really enjoying learning about the 1916 Rising. Here’s what our notice board looks like so far…


All of us in 5th class are very proud of two of our classmates, Jesse and Cian. Along with Lorcan and Connor from 6th class, they made up the winning team in the St. Abban’s Table Quiz! They did so well and scored 68 out of 70 questions right!! Well done boys, we are very proud! Here are the trophies they won.


Don’t forget to check back here next week! We will have a fun post all about how we are commemorating the 1916 Rising in our school, St. Patrick’s Day, Seachtain na Gaeilge and everything else in between!


Another week in Room 12….

Another busy week here in Room 12! In SPHE, we did a Stay Safe lesson on bullying and friendship. We learned we should always tell and adult if we are being bullied or if we see a friend being bullied. We created our own poems, stories and diary entries about bullying.


Every week we have a Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine. The Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine is the person who tries their hardest to speak Irish during the week and makes a really big effort. The previous Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine’s have been Mark, Ally, Molly, Oisín, Aoíbheann, Cathal and Donagh. This week’s winner will be announced on Monday!!

This week we started to invent our own games in groups because we are going to write a procedural writing piece on how to play our new games next week! We used paper and other objects including dice and counters! It was really fun! We all co-operated really well together.







In Maths we examined timetables in groups and solved problems using train and bus timetables. We worked collaboratively to help solve the problems.



Today we did  clay in Art. We made art sculptures inspired by Jim Dine. He is an artist from America that focuses on using heart shapes in his creations. We made heart shaped pots and hearts filled with roses. They are a work in progress, come back next week to see the finished results!!



This week we have no school on Friday because of the election. We are happy to get an extra day off!

A short but busy week!

This week we only had three days in school but it was a busy three days!

In Gaeilge we created mini-dramas in groups. We each played different characters and mimed a scene of an accident that happened after a thief robbed a bank. Bhí sé go hiontach!!

In Maths we started learning about 24-hour time. It was a bit confusing at the start but we are starting to get the hang of it now!

We are also learning how to be safe when we are alone. We talked about what we should do in different situations. We learned that it is important to tell an adult if we are in a difficult situation and feel unsafe. Last night for homework, we had to write about the safe choices we make everyday. Here are some examples of our work:



Today we finally filled our ‘WOW’ boot (Walk on Wednesday) and we won a shoe pencil case! We get points and stickers every Wednesday when we come to school in a green way. It took us a long time to fill it and we are very proud!


(We forgot to add the last few stickers before taking the picture!)

In English this week we wrote diary entries. We pretended to be characters from our novel, ‘Twist of Gold’. We imagined what life was like for Annie and Sean and wrote from their perspectives. The novel is set in 1847 at the time of the Famine in Ireland. Here are some examples of our work:


This blog post was written by:

Tamara, Sophie, Jack, Séan, Joey, Robert, Mark, Oisín, Patrick and Karol.

What we learned this week…

This week our school was very busy. We had Zim Day today. Zim Day is a day when we bring in toys, books, cakes, DVD’s and other items. We sell them to raise money for Assisi High School in Zimbabwe. We also held a raffle and there were winners from our class. We hope we raised a lot of money. Ms. Cotter organised it along with second class.



In History we did some research about schools in Ireland in the past using iPads. We also learned about our school from the years 1843-1934. We found it very interesting to learn how people learned in the past. They had fireplaces in every classroom. There was a time when Catholics were not allowed to go to school. Children learned by rote learning and could even get punished by getting hit by a ruler. They did not have proper facilities, such as bathrooms or heating. We are glad things have changed today. School is a safer happier and better place to learn.

IMG_0183     IMG_0189



In the past two weeks we learned about the Aztecs. They were interesting people from Mexico. They worshiped many gods and we decided to create our own sun gods in art. We used pastels to create our pictures. Here are some examples of our work!


In Science we learned about our lungs. We learned that there are many different parts. And there is more to it than meets the eye! We drew diagrams of the lungs, we labelled them and you will see them below.

In English we did procedural writing about how to make hot chocolate. We made it last week and it was delicious. This week we wrote about it in a shared writing piece with Ms. Farrell. We used clear instructions and numbered our steps. We made sure we used bossy verbs and adverbs in our instructions.




IMG_0175  IMG_0168


Our new blog!

Welcome to our new blog for our class. We are 5th class in St. Patrick’s N.S in Ballylinan in County Laois. There are 30 children in our class, 14 boys and 16 girls. In our blog, we will write about all the different things we are doing and learning in our classroom with our teacher Ms. Farrell. We hope you enjoy reading about our class!